Sunday, June 26, 2005

Candle Magic & Candle Rituals

It seems important, today, to share a bit more about full moon poured ritual candles.
While the timing of the pour, color of the candle and the fragrance blends are all important aspects to creating a powerful tool for ritual and meditation... the two most important aspects are quite human.
The first is the intent with which the candle is made.

The intent of creation is my responsibility. As I very much enjoy making ritual candles.. choosing the colors & fragrances based on a variety of magical traditions... it is easy for me to make each candle collection with the aspiration that every person who buys one benefits... accomplishes the specific outcome for which the candle is made.. and finds happiness. I am fortunate to be able to ensure the space in which the candles are made is clear, calm, light filled and that it remains undisturbed by negative emotions & actions. (Clearly I do not mass produce candles!)

The second important aspect to candle magic - the most important aspect - is the intent with which the ritual candle is used. This aspect falls under the governance of the buyer... or the end user. While it is true that I have written and included affirmations (guidelines) to be repeated during candle ritual which will help to focus intent while the candles are burning... the challenge in magic remains changing the mind ( your mind!).

In order to create a change in the external world.. to achieve love, money, success or any other desired outcome, there MUST be a place in your mind to accept & to receive these outcomes... TODAY. So often we fall into the mental trap of affirming our success in the future.. as something coming soon. To succeed in recreating the future (or co-creating if you prefer) to affirm the changes you want to see in the present tense. The candles are supports for your meditation.. and while they are very effective supports.. they serve to help you one your intent with your affirmation (in the present tense).

The colors & fragrances of ritual candles trigger your memory of intent, the affirmation you are using, and help you retrain your mind to accept a new future.