Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eclipse Poured Ritual Candles to Attract Love

love candleAttract My Soulmate, or True Love ritual candles are hand poured on 3/14/06. The astrology of this day is both fortunate & complex, here are the particulars, first, from the Western point of view:

The most basic observation is that the Sun (representing masculine energy, as well as the "inner face of the realized man" ) is in the Water sign of Pisces and the Moon (representing both feminine energy and the self we present to the world) is Full in the Earth sign of Virgo. * Further notes on the benefits of Full Moon poured candles are available on my site.

Earth & Water signs (both feminime in nature) make good relationships with each other.. hence the choice of Pisces & Virgo luminaries for this pouring. Further, both are mutuable signs, which means that their energy is flexible, versatile & adaptable. Signs that share the same orientation (either cardinal, fixed or mutable) usually have similar world views & coping methods. This is fortunate in that this basic nature eliminates many value conflicts that spring from opposing methods of reacting to life.

How is this relevant to candle pouring? Simply, I look for the most fortunate energetic combinations possible for two people to make a good relationship... and the I pour candles. Because I am often asked about the difference between my ritual candles, and "plain" ones, I am taking more time to share via blog, the astrology of the different dates. I hope you find this helpful.

The candles poured on the Spring Eclipse. As an eclipse is not a commmon occurance, eclipse poured candles are that much more remarkable. I find the symbolism of an eclipse particularly powerful for several kinds of candles. The soulmate candle is one. The movement of the luminaries.. as they pass, cover & uncover each other seems like the dance of the souls of lovers moving through the world together. Sometimes, one must step back and let the other lead. Sometimes, one must put their need to shine aside for the greater good. Sometimes we share.. sometimes one gently pushes the other out of the way. All steps are possible in a dance of love.

Notes from the Eastern perspective:

As I continue to explore other traditions, I am happy to share some of the astrology of our calendar day 3/14/06, from my limited understanding of then Tibetan calendar. I will just share the basics & draw no conclusions. First, it should be noted that the candles are poured in the year of the Fire Dog, the Water Tiger month, on the day of the Fire Dragon. It is a double fire day (very auspiscious) that becomes a fire/wind (also favorable) day after 9:12 am EST(?).

Other spiritual traditions celebrate Purim or Holi on this day. I hope you find these notes helpful. Should you discover an error, please feel most welcome to share corrections via a post. The candles described will be available for sale on April 2, 2006. Thank you for your kind attention. Ann George