Tuesday, June 13, 2006

FAQ & the use of Ritual Candles

This post is in reply to some excellent questions I just received. While the link referenced in the title does provide a general introduction to candle burning ritual, these questions were specific and you may find the answers to be helpful in your own meditation & ritual work. This is the list of questions I received:

We would like to have more information on the use of the candles we purchased from you. All the questions you can answer would be a great help.

1) When is best time to light it ( the candle) ?
It is best to light the candle when you have plenty of time to focus your attention on the ritual process. It doesn't really matter whether you choose morning, mid day or evening. What matters most is that you can sit and repeat the affirmation included with each candle at least 10 times. The candles are all moon poured, so the energy of the best time to light it is really already included in the candle. For more information on using moon phases for candle ritual, please visit my article on moon phases.

2) How long do i keep it lit at a time?
It is best to sit in meditation with the candle, repeating the affirmation for at least 10 to 15 minutes every day until the candle has been burned up. It is not necessary to leave the candle burning when you are away from it. The candle is a focusing tool to help you do the greatest magic of all, that of transforming your internal dialogue.

3) Do I leave it in the same place or more it around the house?
It is best to do ritual and meditation work in the same place, preferably some place in the home that feels good to you. A place that is "just yours", one that may have a small personal alter or shrine. Many people find it helpful to place their shrine or alter so that they face east when praying.

4) As we both have sons we are trying to help, can we even help our sons with us using the candles?
Yes! This is a great question. Our prayers can be dedicated to the benefit of anyone. When we do candle ritual to pray for healing, wealth, love, success or any other blessing... we can pray that our loved ones receive equal or greater blessing that those we are asking for ourselves.

I hope have answered these questions completely. If not, please feel welome to post additonal questions at your convenience.
With all best wishes,

Ann George