Sunday, October 15, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions about Love Candles

Frequently Asked Questions about Love Candles

I am happy to publish this reply to several letters I have recently received that ask excellent questions. I will do my best to answer them, one at a time.

Let’s begin with:

“If I have a relationship problem and I wish to reunite with my boyfriend do you do spell work or work that can help us get back together?”

I do not do spellwork to help couples get back together. Further, I do not encourage anyone to attempt to purchase spell work that involves an attempt to act upon another person, to attempt to control or to change another person. I find this type of action to be at best energetically abusive.

I have written an article about candle ritual and candle magic, and I now invite you to refer to this for a deeper understanding of real magic, the inner magic of transforming one’s own mind. The first is an article on Ritual. The second on Moon Phases and Ritual>

“Also your candles are they spells?”

My candles are not spells. They are focusing tools, hand poured, colored and fragranced according to established principles of astrology, aromatherapy & color therapy with the specific healing intent to help the client train his or her own mind to heal the inner cause of the outer condition.

“If I buy a love candle will that help me?”

The purchase of a love candle could help you. The affirmation included is designed to heal the one’s understanding of the possible.. to affirm that right love is present now.. and that this love will endure.

This is not to say that the candle will “bring” your lover back to you. However, the ritual proces could help you heal your understanding of love & loving relationship so that one of two things might occur. The first is that you may discover that the relationship you previously found so vital.. is not as desirable as it once was.. or.. the second possible outcome is that you will choose to change your feelings, values and thus your behaviors so that your partner will see you in a different light, and find you more desireable.

Here is a composite sample question along these same lines:

“I called you asking what that soulmate candle is for. I have a boyfriend but for some reason i lost him again to another woman.  I am still very much believe that he is my solute and in my mind  I can foresee that he'll be back again in the future. I am asking your advice.”

Here are excerpts from the description of the candle, that may best answer your question.

Each Attract My Soulmate candle comes with a unique affirmation skillfully written by Ann George to heal the mind, nourish the body, and awaken the spirit. Charged with the Reiki symbol of power, these candlesare excellent for strengthening the root chakra.

Intent, the focused energy with which a magical candle is created, is most important to consider when buying any sacred object. Hand-poured candles from Ann George Studios are created with the intent that you achieve your desired outcome and that harm come to none.

Mystics and occultists know the planetary day and hour for creating ritual objects impacts the spiritual power of that object. Ritual candles are poured on the best moon phase for the candle's purpose. The fine nuances of timing, astrology, color, fragrance and intent are all carefully considered when pouring your candle.

The affirmation that comes with each candle is skillfully worded to help heal your mind, body or spirit, and to empower you to re-create your future with daily repetition.

As well, please refer to the article on attracting right relationship for more information: