Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cazimi Moon Poured Healing Candle -

This Reiki Healing Candle was poured during the Cazimi Moon on February 17, 2007 at 11:15 am Eastern Standard Time. I will begin by offering an excerpt from my 2007 Planetary Guide, "any planet whose center is within 17 degrees of the arc of the center of the Sun in celestial longitude, is said to be Cazimi. Oddly, this is considered the highest form of accidental dignity.... a planet is thought to be very powerful & benefic when Cazimi."

On this day both the Sun & the New Moon were in Aquarius. It is important to mention that from the Hermetic perspective, the Sun represents the Authentic Self, the True face of the Natural Man and the Moon represents the Ego, the Persona, the self we show to the world. When both Sun & Moon are in the same sign (for the purpose of pouring healing candles) then there is an accord, or a a balance that is energetically useful. This is a good time to pour candles for balance, healing, friendship or peace.

The importance of the New Moon is that for creatures of the Earth, the night is pitch black on the new moon. Deep, mysterious & full of unseen possibility. Thus, a new Moon provides us the benefit of both the calm, dark night & the unmanifest potential to make a new beginning. When working to create a new energetic condition, a New Moon is a good time to begin.

To speak a bit about the planetary influences, both luminaries are in Aquarius which is a fixed Air sign. When the luminaries are in Air signs it is a fortunate time to pour for candles for healing the mind. Fixed signs provide stabilizing energy.

This Reiki Healing candle offers the benefits of New Moon Energy as well as the unique & auspicious benefit of the Cazimi Moon. As the purpose of these candles are to provide a support for meditation to strengthen and calm the mind.. as well as to stabilize the solar plexus chakra, a New Moon (conjunct the Sun) in a fixed Air sign seemed the best time. I invite you to visit the Reiki Candle page for more information. I also have several Reiki pages & Energy Healing pages online for your review if you are interested.

Thank you for your kind attention to my blog. Ann George