Thursday, April 26, 2007

Money Candles are ready to ship.

Thank you all for your paience. I am happy to announce that the first dozen Money candles are ready to ship, and the second dozen are cooling as I type. I hope to be able to pour at least four dozen during this Virgo Moon.

For those new to moonwork, or pouring by the signs, ( not unlike planting by the signs) I will present a brief introduction to the astrology of this collection. First we begin with the benefit of pouring Money candles during the Earth signs. Earth signs are receptive, magnetic and generating signs therefore they are best suited to the energy of material possession.

For the new collection, we have the Sun in the Earth sign of Taurus. Taurus is the fixed sign of material possession. Fixed sign energy is perfecting, stabilizing energy that in this case ensures ones intent to attract wealth stays firm. Further, as these candles are poured in an Earth friendly, petroleum free, palm oil wax... there is a great repect for the blessings of Earth Mother energy in the intent of the candlemaker.

In hermetic astrology, the Moon represents the aspect of personality we show to the everyday world. For this collection of money candles, the Moon is waxing to full in the Earth sign of Virgo. A waxing, or increasing moon is the time to pour candles to attract things. To have lunar energy pulling on the molten wax in the analytic, mutable Earth sign of Virgo helps ensure that the wealth accumulated will be wisely spent.

Please know that I have written an affirmation (included on the label - which is not pictured) specifically to help you retrain your mind to attract money. After all, ritual candles are the support for the meditaiton that will ultimately bring about the inner change in your understanding of your self, your worth, your possibilites.. and this must manifest in the external world. For more information about ritual candles, please visit my mystic store.