Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blue Moon Poured Blessing Candles - Chakra Candles

I am pleased to offer these Blue Moon poured Blessing Candles for sale. There are so many different energetic aspects to this small collection, I hope you will bear with while I try to cover the most important points.

First, my intent in pouring the candles is that they empower you to bring about Blessings of every kind. You may use them to offer blessings & prayers for the benefit of others, or to open your heart and mind to receive all the abundant blessings availalbe to you right now. This intention honors the very powerful day on which they were poured.

These natural wax pillars were poured during the Full Moon of 5/21/07. This year, this day marks the celebration of the Enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. Called Veshak, or Saga Dawa, there are many fine articles available on the web for your review. Here is a short article on the importance of the Full Moon in candle pouring.

While there are many different ways to see the world, some cultures hold the view that we are really in a mulit dimensional reality, and that everything is really happening all at once. Many validate the idea that words, or rituals, or even moments in time, sacred days, accumulate power because they have been honored, or celebrated by many peoples for thousands of years. I believe that these ideas are valid... and they affect the timing of all the candles I make.

The color was also a careful choice. I allowed the pure, almost dazzling, crystalline white of the palm oil wax to shine as itself to represent purity, illumination & of course, the sacred. The candles are tipped in red to honor the union of earth and air, or flesh & spirit, the oneness of the divinity in the material of every living creature.

The astrology of the day, Sun Gemini, Moon Scorpio is also very interesting in that we have Air & Water, or Spirit & Emotion, Mind & Heart, vibrating in the planets that light our world. I will update this post with more information in the near future.

Richly scented with a synergy of Nag Champa & other earthy & floral fragrance, these candles are also useful tools for healing meditations to open the crown chakra. As always, a unique affirmation is included on the tri-fold lable that also offers an the date, astrology, fragrance name & a few helpful suggestions for candle ritual

For now, please know this small collection of 24 candles is ready to ship. Click the title of this post if you would like to visit my Candle Store for purchasing information.