Friday, June 29, 2007

FAQ about the astrology of my SoulMate Candles

Here is a FAQ about moonpowered candles:
If my husband and my astrological signs are not compatible will the benefits still be as effective?

This is an excellent question, and is really several little questions all at once. I will limit my answer to the issue of moon poured ritual candles in particular. I choose to pour Soul Mate or Love candles during Sun signs and Moon signs that are compatible with each other to capture that energy to benefit my clients, regardless of the sign they or their lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is born under.

For example, one of the best Western zodiac combination of signs for lasting love is Taurus & Scorpio, another is Cancer & Pisces. The idea of pouring the candles during the compatible signs is that the best possible energy to ensure the outcome you prefer, combined with regular use & application of the enclosed affirmation will help you heal your mind and heart so that love more easily comes to you.

The astrology of the people in question does not have an impact on the effect of the candle. It will of course have an impact on the nature of the relationship between a couple. This difference in Sun signs does not give a complete picture about a coupled relationship as the placement of the other planets in the birth chart is very important.

Here is a good question about Ritual in general:
Should a protective candle burn before a love candle?

My candles are intended to be meditation tools and/or focusing tools in general. Because they are not intended to be "Spell Candles", they are suitable for use at any time without performing any additional rituals such as a protection ritual. However, your intent and your magical lineage is the best resource for clarity on a question like that. From the point of view of certain Western Mystery Traditions, a protection ritual is required before any magical work. Often an invocation is not only the start of magic, but also of most all prayer in any tradition.

I do enclose an affirmation with each candle I make that is specifically written to help you with your prayer or mediation. I also include instructions for their use, but it is your intent that makes the candle an effective tool