Thursday, July 05, 2007

When is it best to burn moonpoured candles?

I am happy to reply to this excellent question for the benefit of all shoppers at the Moon poured Candle Store.
Here we go:

Greetings Ann,

I recently received two of your candles as a gift from a wonderful new friend. The Reiki Healing Candle and the Success Candle. Is there a sequence that I should follow with these candles (e.g., Reiki first and Success second or visa versa? )
I am anxious to start using them and I want to make sure that I do it correctly for the best results.

When I hand pour the candles, I try to create beautiful tools to serve as "complete little units of intention". What I mean by that is that each candle in and of itself is poured to make the best use of color, fragrance, intent, moon phases and sun times so that you may burn your candle at anytime. The idea is to instill in the molten wax, all the best possible ingredients to heal the body, mind and spirit so that you may manifest the healing, success, wealth or love that you want in your life.

If you prefer to work with the affirmation included in the Reiki Candle first, focusing exclusively on that before you move on to use the Success Candle, this is fine. If you prefer to manifest Success in the morning, then have a peaceful healing candle meditation that evening, also fine. I don't think burning both at once would be very helpful, as the meditation/affirmation part of the right use of candles in ritual matters. In fact, it is your intent, your prayers, your own personal inner voice that makes candle ritual effective. Thus, your inner voice is the best guide to follow when choosing when or how to use of the candles. The labile, instructions and affirmation are for your benefit, and serve to help you choose the candle that is the right one for you.

You may also benefit from visiting this article on the Ritual and Intent. That article explores the issue of intent in greater detail.

I am trust you will enjoy your candles! and feel welcome to write again should you have any further questions.

With all best wishes, Ann George