Tuesday, November 27, 2007

House Blessing Candles - Peaceful Home Candle

The new colletction of Peaceful Home House Blessing candles are poured during a Fire Sun, Fire Moon to bless, purify, and help you create comfort and peace in your energetic environment.

On November 25, 2007 we had what I thought to be a good opportunity to "capture" an energetic moment. The idea of creating sacred or ritual objects in harmony with the natural environment, or the movement of the heavens is not at all new... and as a woman born in the last century from a lineage of farm women, the idea of planting by the signs is familiar to me.

I find that I often have to explain my intentions in this century, and so, please indulge my article on this double fire, waning moon candle & why I chose this day & time to pour. Here we go..

The Sun, representing the authentic self, is in Sagittarius, the sign of the centaur. The energy of the Sun, filtered through the lens of the House of Sagittarius, energized the environment with welcoming, benevolent, outgoing kindness as well as a sense of purpose. A Fire sign, purifying, nourishing and flexible, Sagittarius is a good energy to pour into a house blessing candle.

The Moon, which on the Tree of Life model represents the Ego, or the face we show to the natural or outer world, was Waning in the Air sign of Gemini.
Gemini is a mutable Air sign, and if you had a moment to glance at the links out offering more information on both signs you will easily see why they are perfectly suited to filter the universal energy & blessing into a candle designed to warm, comfort and make cordial your personal space.. whether home, cottage or castle. Briefly, to highlight accepted qualities of Gemini, we find the energy to be social, good-natured, courteous and welcoming. All qualities that make for a peaceful home environment.. and a great social event.

It is also useful to briefly address the influence or purpose of the Waning Moon as well as the Mutable signs. I will accomplish this by linking to my own article on
Moon Phases & Magic as well as Wikipedia's article on Mutable signs.

I designed a signature fragrance (Warm Hearth) for these shimmering pale copper colored candles. The perfume base notes are Spiced Cardamom, Egyptian Musk & Myrrh. Top notes include spicy, nutty and other familiar earth aromas to offer a nurturing warm fragrance to your home.

Although it may be hard to see in the photo, the candles have a feathered texture, are smooth and clean to the touch - one of the many advantages of palm oil wax. These earth-friendly pillar candles are long burning & petroleum-free. Shipped at no cost to you via Priority Mail (in the USA) recycled packing materials are used to further ensure that Ann George Studios, Inc. remains as "GREEN" as possible.

To purchase you may click the title of this post, or visit the House Blessing Candle page.