Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Solstice Candles - Sacred Dream - Lucid Dreams

The new collection of Winter Solstice candles are now ready for sale. For indepth information on the Winter Solstice in general, I invite you to visit this fine article.Hand poured on December 22, 2007, these palm oil candles have a unique feathered texture and soft, smooth feel. They are very long burning and have a cotton wick. (The candles are a bit darker blue than they seem in my browser.)

I created a Sacred Dream fragrance to honor the longest night of the year, and to provide a soothing energy to the dream state. The scent is a blend of Frankincense, Patchouli, Egyptian Musk, Herbs & Spices. I think it has meadow green top notes, an earthy base and a citrus undertone. The fragrances are gently released as the candle burns, so the fragrance is not over powering.

On this day/night, the Moon was in Gemini, a mutable Air sign. The advantages of the Moon in Air for a Sacred Dream intention is that dream, like thoughts & words are air energy experiences... fleeting, intangible yet powerful and moving. Mutable signs area flexible, versatile & adaptable, so for those who seek to perfect lucid dreaming, the mutable qualities of Gemini Moon are well suited to this outcome.

Some clients use this candle to help heal Throat Chakra issues, particularly those where one feels restricted, unable to speak out, speak up or sometimes even to voice issues that are important. These issues are often played out in our dreams, sometimes causing nightmares.

It is not my intention to present these candles as remedies, but as tools to help you focus, to transform, or simply to honor the movement of the heavens & the sacred days of ancients. All candles come with ritual instructions as well as an affirmation written specifically for this pour. They are sealed upon complete in cellophane to preserve their fragrance. They are handled by no one but their maker.

If you click the title of this post, you will arrive at my little online store for more information and the ability to purchase. This is a limited edition pour, so only 16 remain available.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.