Sunday, January 06, 2008

Soul Mate Candle Questions & Answers

Here is a frequently asked question I will try to answer thoroughly.

Hello Ms. George,

I am interested in purchasing a marriage or a soulmate candle.

ISSUE: My boyfriend is not willing to commit to me and our future. I feel I need help getting this to happen & to get him to focus on our relationship {get married}.

QUESTION: Will your marriage or soulmate candle solidify our relationship and result in a marriage?

The short answer to this question is, of course, No. My candle will not solidify any relationship nor will that candle in and of itself cause a relationship to result in marriage. No candle will do that.

The Soulmate ritual candle is a tool to empower the user to heal their mind/heart/soul/ to be better able to attract a loving relationship. In particular, a "right" love. The purpose of the candle, and the affirmation, is to focus the will, or the intent of the user to become energetically magnetic to their desired outcome.

I will not ever create a tool of any kind that is designed to affect the will of another person. The idea that using a candle, or magic spell to control or change the mind, heart or will of another person is at best a very dangerous concept.

In our culture, we often feel that if we can only make the other person see our point of view, or make the other person understand how we feel, or cause them to see how right we are, or to realize how surely their life will improve if only the other person does what we want them to do, then everything will be all right.

The problem with this world view, particularly when it comes to the matter of love.. is that attempting to bend another to our will is NOT loving. Good love seeks the happiness of the beloved. If the happiness of the beloved is not to marry.. then the lover must choose to accept that decision and remain, or accept that decision and move on.

Seeking to "getting this to happen & to get him to focus on our relationship {get married}" through supernatural channels, candlemagic, or other extra ordinary means usually results in the loss of love.

Now, I do not present myself as the last word on candle work, magic, spells or rituals. I can only speak to my understanding, my intent, and my products. I do invite the new reader to visit the article on candle ritual
and psychic scams for a deeper understanding.