Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love Candles poured Full Moon Taurus & Sun Scorpio

The newest collection of True Love candles, or Attract My Soul mate candles is now ready for sale. I am always happy to be able to pour candles for marriage or long term relationships when the Sun and Moon are in the Fixed signs.
Fixed sign energy is stabilizing, perfecting, and sustaining energy. It reflects a nature that doesn't like change, but sticks with what is started no matter how difficult. For many people, a partner who can commit to stay and work through the difficult times is very desirable.
The second advantage this candle offers is that the Sun and Moon are in very comatible signs. Taurus and Scorpio partners are known to make the most committed relationships, to get along well, compliment each others personalities, and to share a fundamental world view.
All candles are hand poured in sacred space in one pointed attention. The True Love fragrance used is a signature blend of traditional herbal and floral fragrances long used in herbal magic to attract one's true love. These richly scented natural wax pillars come with an affirmation designed to heal the mind to attract love.
All are sealing in clear cellophane as soon as they are cooled to ensure the freshest scent possible. These candles are poured in limited quantities and are handled by no one else. From my hand to yours, I offer sacred tools for sacred work.