Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love Candles - Hand poured to Attract My Soul Mate are ready for sale

The new collection of Love candles, hand poured into the Full Moon in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus are now ready for sale. These ritual candles were poured on November 2, 2009 when the Sun was in the fixed Water sign of  Scorpio.

I usually pour candles for love and marriage when the luminaries are in Earth and Water signs, as both are feminine, magnetic & nurturing in nature.. qualities that many people hope for in a long term romantic relationship.

Water and Earth signs are naturally compatible, and people born under these signs often have similar world views. I also pour candles for loving relationships when the Sun & Moon are in Fixed signs.

Fixed signs are perfecting and finishing in nature. While they can often be quite stubborn, they are quite able to make a commitment and stand by it,  no matter what. Again, these qualities are beneficial to a long term loving relationship.

The idea of "capturing" the energy of the moment is fundamental to the timing of each pour for the Moon Poured collection. These candles were poured before the Moon was full, so there is no danger of the energy of the Waning Moon affecting the ability of the candle to help you focus your thoughts.

For those new to candles poured by the signs, please know that the magic is always in your mind... the candles are poured to empower your meditation, prayer or ritual. They serve as focusing tools, or amplifiers by bringing both the energy of moment of their creation and the aromatherapy of the signature fragrance, again, hand blended in keeping with ancient herbal recipes, to help you draw right love into your life.

People often write to ask if they are born under signs other than Taurus or Scorpio to see if the candles will help them. Quite simply, yes. The idea of the pour is to capture the best possible energy of a moment, and Sun Scorpio, Waxing Moon Taurus is one of the very best moments to work for love.

All candles are sealed in cellophane the same day as they are created to ensure that the fragrance & the energy of the pour are as protected as possible. No one has handled your candle other than their maker.

Ritual instructions and an affirmation are included should you care to use them. Candles ship free by Priority Mail in the USA. As these are all hand poured at a very specific moment in time, quantities are limited. Please, one to a customer. Candles are $27 each, to purchase, please visit the Candle Store.