Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A quick response the issue of black soot & candle magic.

Over the years, clients have written to ask why they are experiencing a black soot when burning ritual candles from other suppliers. Some feel as if it is a sign that the candle is "working", while others feel as if the black soot indicates a negative outcome.

In my experience, neither is true. The soot is a by-product of petroleum based candles in particular, and where & how you burn the candle as well.

Here are links to to very useful articles that should provide more information:

Ann George Studios, Inc makes candles with Palm Oil Wax, a renewable vegetable resource, which gives candles an exquisite feathered appearance and a smooth dry surface.

Wicking is all cotton, so there is no lead danger, and fragrances are a mix of essential & fragrance oils from reputable suppliers to give a pleasant scent that is effective, but not overwhelming.

I hope you find this little note useful!

Ann George