Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New True Love Candles Poured 10.10.2010. - Rare Combination of Aspects and Timing

Although the Sun was in an Air sign and the Moon in Water, there was a sense of "comsic" urgency to pour candles to help you bring good, sweet, true long lasting emotional/sexual love into your life.

I just ran the "birth chart" for the pour courtesy of Chaos Astrology and now feel astrologically quite validated in the selection of the day and time.  

Should you wish to run your own program, here are the particulars of the pour: 
Date: 10/10/2010  Time: 9:30  AM EDT ( -4 GMT)
Location: Jacksonville, FL USA: 81 degrees 42 minutes West/ 30 degrees 30 minutes North

For those who are regular customers, you are accustomed to a Sun/Water Moon/Earth combination of luminaries for love candles. I will pour those again of course, but these interesting times create interesting energies. 

For those interested in numerology the excitement of a candle poured on the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of this century is obvious. The candles were cooling at 10:00 AM Eastern. 

I often go to greater lengths to explain the timing of a pour. I think the natal chart speaks for itself. If you are interested to purchase, please click the title of this post to go to my Ritual Candle Store. An affirmation is included with this candle as well as an ephemeris for your reference. 

As always, candles are poured in a natural palm oil wax, fragrances are traditional herbal magic scents to attract love. We are a green company, purchasing materials from local merchants and shipping in biodegradable packaging, using green energy products to produce your candle. 

Candles ship next day via Priority Mail in the USA. Shipping is included in the price of your candle.