Monday, August 08, 2011

Success Candles: Hand Poured to Attract Wealth, Success, Abundance and Love

The new collection of Success candles was poured on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 8:00 PM EDT.  These natural wax candles are a sunset orange color, and are scented with appropriate floral and herbal fragrances used for centuries to attract money, wealth, success, love and abundance.

The astrology of this Success candle collection further empowers these meditation pillars to help you achieve your goals. ( As always, each candle comes with complete instructions, an affirmation & an ephemeris of the pour date and time to enhance your rituals.)

This pour, the Sun was in the fixed Fire sign of Leo. Primary qualities of Leo energy (symbolized by the King of Beasts, the Lion) are very useful to help you achieve your goals. Known for courage, the will to rise above the ordinary, the desire and ability take charge of situations and tremendous determination and stamina, Leo energy is excellent to help you achieve success.

Even more exciting is the placement of the Moon for this candle collection. The Moon, Yin energy to the Yang of the Sun, was also in Leo. She was waxing to full, which as occultists know is the time to do work to generate, create and attract those things we want in our lives.

That both luminaries were in the the sign of Leo and both were in their natural home, the Fifth House, ruled by Leo is most fortunate!

Venus, the natural ruler of love, passions and emotional pleasure was also in Leo and in the fifth house for this pour. You will be able to enjoy discovering other useful planetary aspects when reviewing the enclosed ephemeris.

One of the outer planets is also fortunately placed to help bring success, wealth, respect, good fortune into your life. ** Please note, the candle in and of itself is helpful, but your repetition of the enclosed affirmation and your own positive actions are also required to bring maximum success into your life. **

For this collection, Jupiter, the great benefactor of the Zodiac, was in Taurus, the fixed earth sign of possessions and in the second house, the native house of the sign of Taurus. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the expansive energy of Jupiter will bless efforts to bring more material comforts your way.

If you would care to purchase a candle, please place your order as soon as possible. The candles are on sale at the Candle Store for $30 each. Free shipping by Priority Mail is included in the price. Candles are sold on a first come first served basis.