Saturday, November 26, 2011

True Love Candles - Attract Love Candles - Moon Poured

love candle

I always pour for love when there is a Taurus and Scorpio combination of the great luminaries ( the Sun and Moon.) There are other times to pour of course, however, the benefits our pouring with this combination of luminaries is well established.

For those who have been waiting, I am pleased to say the new collection of Love candles, also referred to as Soulmate candles, is ready for sale. As always, this is a small collection, first come, first served.  Here is a bit of astrology for your reference:

The new collection of Love candles was poured with the Sun in the the fixed Water sign of Scorpio, the Moon was almost full in the in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus. For those new to the astrology of moon poured candles, there are many articles on this blog that should prove useful. The basic information is that both Taurus and Scorpio are Fixed signs. The energy of all fixed signs brings stability, a desire for perfection, for commitment and seeing a project through to the end.

Fixed signs are very compatible with each other as both have the same values that some things are done a particular way, the "best" way, and no other. Agreeing that there are some constants, fixed signs work well together in general, and take a bonded relationship seriously as well.

 As well, both Taurus and Scorpio are referred to as "feminine" in nature. This means that both are generating, nurturing, magnetic and manifesting in nature. Feminine signs work well with each other, and make good companions. 

These Love candles combine the energy of the sign of passion and desire with the sign of stability and commitment. An exclusive blend of flower and herbal scents has been created to empower your love rituals, "White Magick" love spells and healing meditations to help heal the heart and bring right love to you.

Please remember, all magic is in the mind. The affirmation that is included on your label is designed to help you heal your mind, open to new love, and affirm that all is well. It is your prayer or meditation combined with the careful attention to timing, color, fragrance and intent that charges the candle as a useful too.

The candles are not made for any purpose other than to serve to heal the user. Love candles are $36 each, and ship free by Priority Mail. All Sales Are Final. I do not accept returns. Please contact me with any questions prior to purchase if need be. To order, please visit the Love Candle page.

Ann George