Thursday, December 29, 2011

Money Candles - Hand Poured on Christmas Day

These bayberry green Money Candles were hand poured at 5 pm EST on !2/25/11. They are richly scented with a combination of 6 herbal scents that have been used for centuries in prayers and meditations to bring wealth, prosperity, business, fortune and money to the meditator. (One to the customer please.)

On this day the Sun was in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, the Moon just degrees past new, again in Capricorn. The powerful energy, the push of Capricorn in both luminaries makes this candle very useful for those with new business plans, and those seeking employment.

The combination of fragrance, as well as the "money green" color create a unique vibration when lit that does indeed create a change in your environment. Should you care to get the greatest benefit from this candle, you will use it as it is intended, as a focusing tool for affirmation and meditation to retrain your mind to attract money.

All sales are final. Returns are not accepted. To purchase visit the Mystic Candle Store.

The affirmation enclosed is skillfully written and customers have phoned in most excellent results over the years. For those who have become fearful of using candles in meditation, or feel tempted to call and ask if burning this candle is "witchcraft" of some kind - please note, with our thought we create our futures.

Mind training, prayer, meditation, affirmation are all self empowering actions. There is no intention of witchcraft in the create of these pillars. They are to be used as the buyer sees fit. Should you practice a pagan faith, I am sure you will appreciate these pillars all the more.

It is very important to notice that only 24 were poured, of that number, only 18 remain for sale. Once gone, Money candles will be poured again with the Sun in an Earth Sign, Waxing Moon in an Earth Sign. They are not seen, nor handled by anyone else. There is no factory - no visitors - nothing to interrupt the process.

An ephemeris is included on the back of the label so that those with advanced knowledge of astrology may best use this pillar in conjunction with other collections to create the energetic environment you need to accomplish your goals.

Pillars ship free via Priority Mail. As these are poured on a day that is sacred to many people, I am selling only one to the customer. They are $37 each. More will be poured as soon as possible. Perhaps in early January - perhaps in May.

All sales are final. Returns are not accepted. To purchase visit the Mystic Candle Store.

For more information on Moon Phases, Candle Ritual, as well as psychic scams........ please explore this blog and my site.

I wish you every happiness!