Thursday, November 01, 2012

True Love Candles • Attract Right Love • Moon Poured Ritual Candle

True Love Candles are ready for sale. This new collection of pillar candles was hand poured in sacred space, with right intention by Ann George. These love ritual candles were poured Monday, October 29, 2012 at 2:15 PM EDT.

If you prefer to cast the ephemeris yourself, the longitude and latitude for the pour are: 81:72W 30:31N. I very much like the following aspects, as I am sure they will bring additional blessing to the intent of the pouring:

Sun : 6 Scorpio 44 + 0:00' (-) 9th house
Moon: 6 Taurus 01 + 1:48' (e) 3rd house

For those who are new to moon poured candles, the reason I pour by the signs is that I believe we live in an interconnected, vibrational universe and therefore the timing of the creation of ritual objects matters very much.

I hand pour all my candles. There are no other workers, I am not a factory. No one else will see or touch your ritual object until you yourself open the box. Supplies are therefore limited, and I as that you purchase only one.
(I do take special orders, and am happy to pour a candle to meet your needs... however, there are only 16 of these left, and I hope each person who wants one will have a chance to buy.)

While there are many scents to choose from, this candle combines four of the ancient fragrances that have been used in herbal magic, prayers and offerings for love for centuries. All candles are hand finished, and sealed in a biodegradable cellphone wrapping to ensure they are as fresh the day you buy them as they were the day they were made. They are very fragrant.

True Love candles are best when poured in an Earth and Water combination of the Luminaries as we have with this pour - Sun Scorpio // Moon Taurus. As well, it is best if True Love candles are poured in the fixed signs, as these are the perfecting and finishing signs that are resistant to change.

There are numerous articles on this blog, as well on my primary site about Candle Rituals. I hope you will enjoy them. Please notice that the label includes candle burning instructions, an ephemeris as well as an affirmation to help heal your spirit so that you begin to vibrate at the frequency that will attract your right love.

With all best wishes for joy on your journey.

Ann George