Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mayan Calendar • Winter Solstice • Sacred Days Candle

This may be one of the most remarkable candle collections I have ever poured. There are three astrologic events that make this such and important candle. I am pleased to say these candles are now for sale and ready to ship.

The astrologic moment that received the most attention was that of 12/21/2012 and it's relationship to  the Mayan Calendar.  Various interpretations of the significance of the date proposed that this moment marked the End of the World, others saw it as the moment of a New Calendar or a New Era in human evolution. I do not recall too many dates that have received such attention for global transformation. 

Of great interest to me is a second prophecy, or astrologic awareness that received almost no attention ( by design ). The day, 12/21/2012, and the time in particular (6:11 AM EST) of this pour, was predicted by some Native American tribes of the American South West to be the moment when our earth was in alignment with the center of the galaxy, and therefore marking the beginning of a New Phase.  I offer many thanks to my spiritual collaborator in sacred astrology and spiritual ceremony for bringing this time to my attention. 

In the Western calendar, December 21st of most any year marks the Winter Solstice. This year,  at 6:11 AM EST the Sun was at 0 degrees Capricorn, 00 minutes Capricorn. To me this is a breath taking coincidence for the following reasons:

When teaching Tarot from the Hermetic perspective, and in particular empowered by the wisdom of Daniel C. Matt and his book on the Tree of Life, I always talk about the "inhale" -  the in breath before the great exhale of the Creator that was/is the "Big Bang" or the creation of our known world. To me, the most sacred moment is the moment before the kiss, before the brush is dipped in paint, before the chisel strikes the stone, for in that moment........ all is possible. At 6:11 AM EST at my longitude and latitude, the Sun was 0 degrees Capricorn and 00 minutes Capricorn..... the ultimate galactic inhale!

On 12/21/2012 I arose at 4:11 AM to ensure that all would be ready. The molds were prepared, the wax was melted, the fragrances were blended and "oned"  with each other and the purpose of the candle. All time keeping devices were synchronized so that I could actually begin to pour at exactly 6:11 AM. I continued in one pointed and sacred attention to pour candles as quickly as possible until 6:12 AM. For this reason, the collection is quite small. (The candles cooled throughout the day and were finished and sealed before nightfall. They were not left unattended. Sacred space was not broken.) 

It was therefore thrilling to see the Celtic Solstice in keeping with Native astrology at 6:11 AM for a rare alignment of another galactic world view. I did not choose to place an extravagant price on candles that capture this rare moment, rather to add only $5 to the usual price. This makes the total of the cost of the candles to be - in numerology  a "9" - Foundation - the sphere of the Moon on the Tree of LIfe.

I could continue to write at length about the phase of the Moon or the meanings of Earth signs, however, for those who already understand the candle, and the timing of it..... all that information is icing on an remarkable cake. For those unfamiliar with energy healing, vibrational healing, sacred days and the power of the energy of moments, there is little I could write that would make the candle more that a curio.

However, the affirmation for this candle affirms your endurance, immortality, wisdom, and one ness with the nature of all things. I took great care in writing a meditation that would be worthy of such an auspicious time. This candle will be excellent to help open the crown chakra, for all chakra work in general, and to bring a sense of peace and personal power to you. 

I thank all my clients who have supported my work. Your validation and appreciation are more healing than you may ever know! 

Ever forward!

Ann George