Thursday, January 16, 2014

Money Candles poured Sun Capricorn, Waxing Moon Capricorn

The new collection of Money Candles was hand poured to Attract Wealth  on 
December 22, 2014 at 4:00 PM EST. For those who wish to cast a full ephemeris, the co-ordinates are 30:19W, 81:39N.

This day offered the Sun in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn which offers practical, disciplined, analytic and ambitious energy to the candle. Capricorn energy is excellent for success in business, and combined with the energy of Waxing Moon in Capricorn,  these candles are particularly helpful for those who wish to do ritual or meditations to increase their business incomes. 

As has been mention before on this blog, the increasing or Waxing Moon is the time to pour candles for those things we wish to attract into our lives.

I often choose Moon Taurus for money candles because Taurus is a fixed Earth sign.  Fixed signs are perfecting and finishing signs. However, this pour, the Moon was Waxing to Full in Capricorn. To have a cardinal Earth sign Moon combined with the cardinal Earth sign Sun is a very good energetic offering to bring money into your life. 

Capricorn energy is often noted for bringing reliable, practical and ambitious energy to the pursuit of wealth, pleasure and success. Like all Earth signs, Capricorn is magnetic, and generating. 

As you can see, the primary planetary influences for the pour are most excellent to help you achieve your goals. As always, an affirmation created to help you affirm and attract wealth for the greatest good is included with your purchase. You are the magic, the candle is a powerful focusing tool to help you accomplish your goals. 

As these money candles are all hand poured by Ann George and not seen nor handled by another, the collection is limited. As the heavens are in constant motion, the timing of the pour also brings special energies you may use to your advantage.

Moon pouring of candles is based on the idea that we live in an interdependent, vibrational world of energetic phenomena... appearing as solid, or real. If you are able to agree that all is ultimately energy, and that the melting of wax at an auspicious time will allow the wax to be "tuned" to the energy of that time, then moon poured candles will be valuable to you.

Here are a few planetary moments I find very encouraging. If you are somewhat familiar with beneficial aspects, this information will be very helpful for you:

  • Sun : 1 Capricorn 49 + 0:00' (-) 9th house
  • Moon: 24 Capricorn 26 + 4:58' (F) 9th house
  • Mercury: 10 Capricorn 27 - 2:06' (-) 9th house 
  • Venu: 16 Capricorn 22 - 1:09' (-) 9th house 

Candles are for sale online. PayPal handles the transactions. I do not take your credit card information by phone. Visit: Money Candles to place your order. Shipping by Priority Mail is included in the price. I do not ship outside the USA. Candles are sold on first come, first served basis. Due to the energetic nature, all sales are final. Please feel welcome to contact me before you make your purchase.

(Recently I have seen money candles offered for sale that are made in the likeness of dollars, coins, or icons for money. In western culture, we do not burn what we value. The idea of burning the image of what we want is - to me - counterintuitive.)