Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Protection Candles • Samhain Poured • Hand Poured Black Candles

I am very pleased to be able to place my Protection Candles for sale today. Although I poured these, as I always do, into the midnight on October 31st so that they cool on All Saints Day, they were not ready to sell until just recently.

The candles were stored to be as fresh today as they were on the day they were poured, but the night was so powerful, and the pour required such concentrated attention, that the candles needed to rest with me for a time before the were "cured" and ready to offer to you at the greatest benefit. 

The mystery of energy work, magic, root work (call it what you will), is that there are times when sacred objects, once created, have their own process of coming to power. I feel confident that the candles are "solid" and that you will now benefit from their use.

There are many articles on this blog that address the nature and right use of Protection Candles. I will now post the link to the shopping cart for this candle at my Mystic Candle Store, and a few notes on the benefits of the astrology of the pour. (Each candle comes with instructions, affirmation & an ephemeris so that you are best able to study and put to good use the various planetary aspects that were "captured" on the pour date.)

The planetary aspects I find most interesting are:

  • Sun Scorpio was conjunct Mercury Scorpio: excellent aspects for mediumship work
  • Sun Scorpio was conjunct the Node in Scorpio: use as you please
  • Sun Scorpio was conjunct Saturn in Scorpio: a powerful combination for those seeking to master occult skills - as well to help release limitations to spiritual development. 
  • Sun was also fortunately placed Sextile to Pluto & Mars. All three of these planets were in Earth signs providing a grounding energy during a time when the veil between the worlds is considered by many to be at its thinnest. 

Should you care to review more of the fortunate aspects of this pour, I invite you to visit Chaos Astrology to cast a full ephemeris for the moment. (Co-ordinates are listed on the shopping cart page.)

The collection is limited to 16 candles - a raw total give us 7. Due to their energetic nature, All Sales Are Final. Please contact Ann George if you have any questions prior to purchase. Candles are $45 each and shipping is included in the price.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.