Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Protection Candle • Raven's Wing Black • Sanctuary Fragrance poured 10.31.14

I am pleased to post information about the Protection Ritual Candle poured All Hallows Eve by my hand. I have been pouring these candles on the same night every years for over 10 years, although blog posts go back to 2006. 

I have therefore created an energetic relationship with this evening, for this action, that has become very sacred to me.  It is on this night, as what seems like the best of all possible times, that I pour these natural wax candles for your benefit.  

This year I am also please to offer you a new custom fragrance which hold the same herbal and ritual power as the previous years scents. I have added a few new herbal moments to create what I hope you find to be the best fragrance yet. It is earthy, a bit spice, and made with traditional scents for spiritual, physical and psychic protection. 

As well, they are very useful for for healing work of all kinds. It is not my intention to post about the reasons one might purchase such a candle, although if you refer to the the Clairvoyant Blog you will see many people in need of just such a meditation or ritual candle.

These candles were poured at 10:30 pm, creating a 4 candle, which I find perfect for the expansion of one's own sacred space and intent to keep that space sacred for your purposes. 

As always the Sun was in Scorpio, the Fixed Water sign of Desire (ruler of the 8th house) and the Moon in the often cutting sign of Libra, the Cardinal Air sign of Balance. An ephemeris is included on the label back to help you use the candle to greater advantage. 

I post a few aspects of interest here:
The Conjunctions were:
  • Sun Scorpio & Mercury Scorpio
  • Sun Scorpio & Node Scorpio
  • Sun Scorpio & Saturn Scorpio
  • Mercury in Scorpion & Saturn in Scorpio

The Trines:
  • Mars Virgo & Pluto Capricorn  * (Earth trine Earth)
  • Sun Scorpio & Netpune Pisces * (Water trine Water)
  • Jupiter Cancer & Saturn Scorpio * (Water trine Water)

The Sextiles:
  • Sun Scorpio Pluto Capricorn
  • Sun Scorpio & Mars Virgo
  • Mercury Scorpio & Pluto Capricorn
  • Mars Virgo &  Saturn Scorpio
  • Saturn Scorpio & Pluto Capricorn
I have 23 candles for sale as of this posting. They are all wrapped and sealed in a cellophane tube to preserve both freshness of fragrance & vibrational intent. 

To purchase visit my online Candle Store. Due to the energetic nature of these candles, please notice that All sales are final. Refunds are not offered. If you have any questions, please review articles on this blog, or contact me before purchase. This is a limited collection for those who understand what I offer. Free shipping by Priority Mail. USA only.