Monday, December 15, 2014

Money Candles will be hand poured on December 22 (after 6 PM EST) through December 23 of 2014.

I have checked the ephemeris to be sure of the days and time for pouring Money candles. I am pleased to say that I can pour beginning at 6 PM on 12/22/14 and continue through 12/23/14 ending at that same time. These Money candles will thus be Sun Capricorn & Moon Capricorn, and will be most excellent for business concerns, matters of real property, long term investments, and plans to attract as much wealth/money from your efforts and industry.

I have seen a variety of "money" candles for sale of late. Some are actually images of money, or symbols used to represent money. It seems that these are to be burned to attract money. In general, one does not set fire to that which one wants. Metaphysically, burning money, or symbols of money is not the best way to attract wealth. I am pleased to post that I will be pouring for Monday late December of this year. I realize that it is inconvenient of me not to have Money candles more readily available. In general I pour three times a year - when the Sun in in an Earth sign, and her sister the same. 

Should you need to purchase a mass produced candle for your meditation and/or ritual, know that there are sites that will teach you how to empower that candle. Please visit this article to gain a deeper insight than you may now have on Candle Rituals. I have also another post on the meaning of Moon Phases & Magic.

As I hand pour my candles, as they are poured by no one else, seen by no one else..... and poured to the phase of the Moon, I pour as many as I can each time. In general I am currently able to pour 2 or 3 dozen a Sun sign. 

Many money candles are mass produced in factories.  Mass produced items most always lack the power of focused intent. Intention is everything is manifestation. It is your intention and focus that actually brings the things you want, money, love, healing or success into your life. 

If you choose a ritual tool, a meditation support, that is created with the intent that you should manifest that which you seek, this tool will be more powerful than a mass produced item because the maker will be creating your candle (or other tool) with the one pointed intention that the object be specifically created to help you achieve your purpose. 

I will use traditional herbal fragrances that have gained power for their purpose. I look forward to posting a link to the new candles when they are ready. 

From my hand to yours,

Ann George