Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Waiting for the Moon • The Astrology of Pouring Money Candles

At the time of writing tis post it was 8:30 AM Eastern here at the Studio. I am now waiting for the movement of the heavens and the best alignment of the luminaries (Sun & Moon) to pour for Money Candles to attract wealth. 

Many calendars show that the Sun moving in to Capricorn (a cardinal Earth sign) yesterday, the 21st of December, and in some locations that may be true. 

Here at 8:00 Am the Sun  is just 0 degrees and 8 minutes into Capricorn, in the Second house, the house of Taurus.

This is very fortunate for the Moon is  at 18 degrees 59 minutes Taurus, the planet of the second house! At 10:00 AM the Sun will be 0 degrees and 13 minutes Capricorn and the Moon 20 degrees and 9 minutes Taurus.

I will begin the process of smudging and cleaning the candles worship at 9:00 AM and I believe I will begin to melt the wax about 10:00 AM EST. I have a very small window to pour today as there are only 30 degrees to each house of the Zodiac. 

At 4:00 AM on Wednesday the Moon will have moved into the sign of Gemini and the power of  the Earth energy will be lost for the pour. 

An early start today may allow time for the 6” x 2” pillars to cool and be taken from the mold so that I may pour a second collection. This natural palm wax - from a renewables vendor! - melts at 200 degrees, so it can take up to three or four hours for the candles to cool enough to slip form the mold. 

I will decide the color and fragrance at the time of pouring. Most always, Money candles are a shade of green and will include Bayberry fragrance as well a mixture of other scents that are traditionally used to attract wealth, heal the mind and spirit from thoughts of fear and lack. 

The candles are always placed in cellophane sleeve once they are finished to ensure that the always smell first day fresh no matter when you buy them. I will post an announcement and put a shopping cart button on line when they are are. 

I intend to have at least 24 for sale and more if time permits.

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