Friday, January 01, 2016

Money Candles - Hand Poured Sun Capricorn - Waxing Moon Taurus are ready for sale.

Day Poured

All Money Candles from Ann George Studios, Inc are now ready for sale. All are sleeved in cellophane (biodegradable) to keep fragrance in, and none have been seen nor handled by anyone save their maker. These are artisan candles for those who appreciate the importance of astrology in manifestation.

There are many questions people have asked over the years about my Money candles. Articles on when and how to use them appear on this blog. Links to articles on candle ritual and creative visualization and meditation may also be found here.

This December 22, 2015 I was able to pour two collections of money candles. The first was poured at 1pm EST and are referred to as Day Pour. The second collection was poured at 9 PM EST and are thus called Night Pour. 

I have been making empowered candles for ritual use for over 10 years. There are specific times in the lunar cycle that are best for pouring each of the kinds of candles I make. This year, it was difficult to find the right combination of luminaries to create premium candles for you.  The astrology of this pour is good. 

To purchase - please visit the Money candle page on my site. There are now 2 dozen for sale. First come, first served. All Sale are Final. I accept no returns. I do not ship outside the USA. 

All candles are poured in palm wax. I purchase from a seller who only buys palm wax from sources committed to replanting trees taken. Fragrance oils are used and traditional herbal scents are used. Fragrance combinations are proprietary - however all do contain Bayberry. 

The Day Pour: 

At the moment the melted wax met the mold, the following list shows the placement of the planets:
The Sun was 0 degrees 21 minutes Capricorn. Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign that initiates winter and is quite powerful. Qualities of Capricorn energy can be beneficial for the creation of wealth as well as the analysis and careful management of that wealth once created. All Earth signs are magnetic, generating, and attracting. 

The Moon was 21 degrees and 57 minutes in the sign of Taurus. The moon was in the last decan of that sign, so not only does the fixed, perfecting energy of Taurus bless the energy of the  pour, but also mutable qualities always found in the last 10 degrees of a sign lend the energy of adaptation, a polishing to the energy contained in these money candles. 

As well, the Moon was in its’ own House, the Second house, the house of Taurus. Capricorn was also in its’ own house - the 10th house. You may read more about the houses of the zodiac in general - however this a very beneficial alignment of the luminaries. Sun and Moon in Earth signs and those Earth signs in their houses. 

Finally - there was a Grand Trine during the Day Pour. The Grand Trine presented the  Moon at 21 Taurus 57 Mercury: 18 Capricorn 34 and Jupiter: 22 Virgo 48

This short list of qualities should assure that that every effort was made to create in concert with the heavens. An ephemeris is included on the back of your candles label.  You may cast a chart if you like. To purchase a Day Pour please do so quickly as once these are gone, they cannot be recreated. The first candle pictured on the Money Candle page is the Day Pour. 

Night Poured
The Night Pour.

As in the day pour, we have both Sun and Moon in Earth signs. 
The Sun is 0 degrees Capricorn 54 minutes and in the 4th house. The Moon is near the end of its journey at 29 degrees Taurus and 42 minutes in the 8th house. 

The same qualities described above for the basic energies of the Sun and Moon apply. The Grand Trine has passed, the constellations are no longer in their houses, and so this evening pour has a different energy that the day pour. 

This Money Candle may be of better use to those who have acquired wealth and now seek to manage it. Those who wish to mediate on way to improve their process, to have obstacles revealed and to acquire the insight and the tension to solve their existing challenges thus ensuring that both existing and attracted wealth build upon one another for right use, right work, right blessing. 

The Night Pour candles are the second candle image present in the Money Candle Store.  Again, supplies are limited. All Sales are Final.

As always, from my hand to yours - Sacred Tools for Sacred Work. 
Ann George