Monday, February 15, 2016

A Grand Trine of Earth signs captured in a Money Candle.

Astrology of Grand Trine Money Candles

I am pleased to point out a very fortunate aspect in the “Day Poured” Money Candles made on 12/22/15. This was a pour at 1 PM EST. I am always careful to check the ephemeris each day I pour candles to “capture” the very best influences - or magnetic frequencies - to benefit your candle meditations.

I pour candles to attract money in the Earth signs. Years of pouring by the signs confirm that pouring in the Earth signs yield very powerful candles to attract material wealth, money, new business, more business and success in real estate sales. 

This pour I was able to capture the energy of one of the most fortunate astrologic aspects - the Grand Trine. There are any sources for more information on Grand Trines, some quite in depth. I will review what I believe are the key points to consider.

A “Trine” means three planets are in relationship to each other in such a way that if lines were drawn to connect the three, you would see a triangle shape. 

Trines are favorable aspects because the three planets involved are considered to be in a harmonious relationship with one another brining a peaceful blessing to the event that occurs at that time. 

Grand Trines occur when the Planets are all in the same Element. In this case the three planets below were all in Earth signs.

Now to explore each planet in each sign.

The Moon was waxing (appearing to increase is size) which is fortunate for attracting things we want was 17 degrees and 46 minutes in the Earth sign of Taurus.

Taurus is the sign of “I have”. Taurus is also a fixed sign, a feminine sign and therefore magnetic, generating and receptive. Taurus energy is associated with prosperity, beauty, and material wealth. It is also a perfecting and finishing sign. All these qualities are very helpful when you want to draw money to you.

Mercury the planet that governs communication was 18 degrees and 09 minutes it the Earth sign of Capricorn. Some say Capricorn energy is ambitions, wise, discipled and patient.

Capricorn energy is a Cardinal sign and all cardinal signs are initiators. They bring a push of intention to accomplish their goal. Capricorn is the Earth sign whose watchwords are “I Analyze.” What better influence to bring to your meditations on wealth than a clear and calculating mind that is able to see and make best use of opportunities to prosper.

Jupiter is referred to as the “Great Benefactor” of the Heavens. Jovial, expansive, generous and adventurous energy is associate with this planet. Luckily it was 22 degrees and 47 minutes in the house of Virgo.

Virgo energy is industrious, ambitious and methodical and best of all reliable. (Virgo is ruled by Mercury - so another lovely blessing for the pour.)

In this Grand Trine, we have all sorts of fortunate energy as the wax melts, the candle is poured promptly at 1:00PM and cools through the rest of this celestial event. 

I have a limited number for sale, wrapped in cellophane to ensure they are as fragrant today as the day they were poured.

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