Sunday, June 25, 2017

Love Candles • Ready for Sale • Soul Mate Candles

I am very pleased to report that the stars and planets aligned to create a very fine time to pour a ritual candle to attract true love. I was able to hand pour this collection on May 9, 2017 at 12:15 pm. 

It has been some five years since I have been able to have the Sun and Moon in the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio and the Moon waxing to full, with other planets well aspected. The last time was Monday, October 29, 2012 at 2:15 PM EDT. 

Taurus and Scorpio are very compatible energies as both are Feminine in nature, both are fixed, perfecting and finishing signs. These similar energies help to draw the most compatible partner to you. These signs make for excellent long term relationships. 

It is critical that you repeat the affirmation included with your love candle, you are the magic! Still, these soul mate candles are very powerful focusing tools. They are red in color, appearing with a feathered texture, and are scented with rose, musk and other fragrances known to arouse passion.

May 9, 2017 the Sun was in Taurus in the 10th house, the house of personal achievement & social foundation. As well, the Sun was Trine Capricorn (a cardinal Earth sign and the natural ruler of the 10th house!) This is very fortunate. 

The waxing Moon was in Scorpio in 4th house. This is a very good placement for this ritual candle which is intended to help you create a home life, soothe and awaken loving emotions. As well the affirmation is written to help you reframe your subconscious outlook on the fine love life possible for you. (If a candle is poured to attract love, the moon needs to be on the increase and this was the case.)

For those who are new to Moon poured candles, the reason I pour by the signs is that I believe we live in an interconnected, vibrational universe and therefore the timing of the creation of ritual objects matters very much. 

I hand pour all my candles. There are no other workers, I am not a factory. No one else will see or touch your ritual object until you yourself open the box. Supplies are therefore limited, and I ask that you purchase only one. 

This blog reveals it has been 5 years since the last collection of Love Candles was poured.  Please, only one per customer. There are 22 candles in this collection. All sales are finalThese are 2" x 6" pillars poured in palm oil wax purchased from a supplier dedicated to replanting! 

Each candle costs $46 plus shipping. Numerology matters in candle pricing. 4 + 6 = 10, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Yin & Yang if you like. Four is the number of foundation. 6 is the number for perfection. I could think of no other "price" to give to these fine, fragrant pillars. 

Instructions and an affirmation are included on each pillar. They are all wrapped in biodegradable cellophane the day they are poured. The are as fragrant now as they were when they were cooling. 

They are ready to ship. You may purchase them here.

Ann George Studios, Inc is a green company. The palm oil wax is purchased from a supplier committed to renewable farming. All packaging materials are either biodegradable and/or recycled. 

All Sales Are Final. Due to the energetic nature of these candles once they are sent to you, they are yours.  Candles ship by Priority Mail, insured. If you do not receive your candle, we will be able to track it.