Friday, September 30, 2005

Successful psychic readings

Greetings & best wishes to all!

This article addresses errors in approach that may prevent or impair the ability to receive accurate psychic readings. The motivation to publish this note arises from several unusual readings that I have done over the past few weeks. In over 10 years of practice, offering psychic tarot readings to the general public, it has been rare for me to work for clients who are not willing to approach readings with the understanding that their openness to the process facilitates an accurate reading.

Å sure sign that this is the case is the comment "Let me be honest with you". When this comment comes after I have done my best to answer the question asked, I wonder why honesty was not present initially. It is far more useful to be honest in the question & honest when concetrating on the particulars of the question, than to misrepresent the question or hold back vital information during the "concentration" portion of the session.

Now, I can understand that one might want to "be sure" the psychic is offering accurate insights. But "trick the psychic" questions are not the best way to establish the validtiy of the reader. As well, when I am asked a "trick" question, or one where I have the complete sense that the client already knows the answer, I experience a value conflict.

My preference is to come to the reading process with the assumption that the client is fully willing to honestly participate in the unveiling of the future. When I am asked a question designed to validate me in some way, my first intuition is often that the client already knows the answer, or that the answer is obvious. The second experience is a kind of psyhic blank that occurs when the question is somehow irreleveant.

I prefer trust that my client's question is complete, valid and will benefit them in some way and to proceed from that value. I strongly prefer that my clients receive complete and accurate answers to all questions they ask. I do not strive to be amazing, nor invasive.

So, I encourage all who are interested in psychic readings, perhaps those who are choosing a new reader, or those who choose to have their first reading, to stop a moment and reflect on their true purpose & goal. If distrust or skepticism is present, it is far more useful to address those issues with a reader before a reading begins.

All readers are different, bringing different backgrounds, esoteric frames of reference, language skills and methods of connection to the psychic reading process. And just as some people prefer vanilla and others strawberry, you will probably find that the style of one psychic is more comfortable to you that the style of another. As well, on any given day, both seeker & psychic can be at their best.. or not.

It does remain vital that honesty between the participants be the ground from which all insights spring. I remain grateful to those clients who have helped me hone my skills by challening me to rise to higher levels of perception. And to those who have "gotten honest" as the reading unfolded.

It remains my great pleasure to be of service to you all.