Friday, May 12, 2006

Reiki Candles for Healing - Solar Eclipse Poured

I am pleased to offer these Reiki charged healing candles. They were poured on March 29, 2006 during the total Solar Eclipse. On this day, the Aries Sun was complemented by the Moon, waning in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Western Zodiac, the sign of indentity.. a Cardinal and initiating sign whose key word is " I am".
I find interesting that the Moon is waning in it's fourth quarter during this eclipse.. and useful, as these candles are poured to facilitate healing the Third Eye chakra, and for creating freedom from self-doubt, from the fixed and limited concepts we often have.. quite subtly.. about who we are.
It seems that sometimes, we decide that "I am" not a visionary, not gifted, not psychic. We convince ourselves that our intuitions are just coincidences.. and therefore meaningless. Worse.. we sometimes decide that our premonitions, or dreams, or our "seeing" is really a sure sign that we are crazy. I have combined both color, intent and fragrance to help heal negative & limiting concepts we have about what is possible. Poured in a natural palm oil wax... these long burning, earth friendly pillars are now available for sale. Please visit the link above for more information about ritual candles. If you are interested in Reiki Healing, I hope you will visit my distance healing blog. As always, I wish you peace.