Monday, February 19, 2007

New Soulmate Candles Poured on Imbolc

I am happy to be able to offer new Soulmate candles for sale. This small collection of deep red love candles was poured on February 2, 2007, a Celtic Sacred day. There are many fine articles available on the Imbolc, so please allow me to refer you to Wikipedia or the Wheel of the Celtic Year for futher reading.
This post will address the importance of the astrology of the day from the Western Mystery Traditon. On 2/02/07, the Sun was in the Air sign of Aquarius, the Moon full in the Fire sign of Leo. Both are fixed signs, fortunate for a harmonious relationship. Fire signs & Air signs generally make good relationship with each other. Both signs are masculine in nature, direct & energetic. In the natural world, Fire requires Air... Air feeds fire, and yet remains itself.
Another consideration for pouring Soulmate candles on this day is that fixed signs usually make good relationships with each other. This occurs because the underlying world view, or value set of fixed signs is one that prefers order, stability, predictability, constancy, and of course.. that things should go as they are "supposed to go". Thus fixed signs will likely not disturb each other with sudden, outrageous changes in plan.
The Full Moon energy exerts the greatest pull on the molten wax that is possible, thus the wax is "attuned" or "vibrates" to that pull. I would also like to restate that when one purchases a ritual candle that is poured with intent, on the most auspicious day in the Western calendar, the advantage is that all the necessary energy to accmplish one's goal is already "poured into" the candle. Thus, you may burn it every day that you want to. The affirmation included with the candle is written to help you accomplish your goal. Now, if you want to further fine tune your own ritual work.. by all means, use the candle on a waxing moon. As well, if you are able to purchase a candle that compliments your birth sign.. so much the better. If you are able to purchase a candle poured when the Sun and Moon are in not only your birth sign, but the birth sign of your beloved, so much the better.
There are several articles on my site that provide more information about candle ritual, moon phases & the importance of intent. Perhaps you would like to subscribe? as a new article on Cazimi moon poured candles will be forth coming.
Wishing you peace, Ann George