Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Moon Healing Candles - Reiki Healing on the Solar Eclipse

This limited collection of Reiki candles was poured February 6, 2008 with the Sun in Aquarius. The process began at 7:30 PM Eastern when the New Moon in Aquarius was conjunct Chiron and continued into and through the New Moon in Aquarius at 10:44 PM EST.

With both luminaries in Aquarius, the fixed Air sign of Hopes, Dreams, Friends and Wishes the energy of the night was excellent to accomplish a healing candle.

This pour also took advantage of Waning Moon energy to release illness & New Moon energy to draw to us what we wish for. Fixed sign energy is excellent for perfecting and finishing. Air sign energy is flexible, adaptable, versatile. These qualities of Aquarius were chosen for this collection, in part because the frequency, or the energetic footprint of this combination seems helpful to people who are praying for healing.

The Waning Moon energy is the energy of release, of letting go of things we no longer find useful. Thus, the pouring of the candles began as the Moon slipped from Waning to New. The New Moon time is symbolic of the unseen potential to illuminate one's path, or to bring the existing light (healing) into fullness.

Dikki-Jo Mullen notes:
The Mardi Gras Festival and Ash Wednesday coincide with a solar eclipse at 17 Aquarius on February 6. The Sabian Symbol for this degree appropriately reads "A Person Unmasked". Analysis, taking away illusions and seeing through them, is the theme.

The fixed star Nashira is near the eclipse as well as the elusive and illusionary planet Neptune. Nashira means "She who brings good news." or "The Fortunate One" in Arabic. Nashira's presence turns hardship to success. Evil is overcome by goodness."

Clearly, both Western & Sabian notes are auspicious for pouring healing candles on this day. Checking the Tibetan calendar, we see that February 6 is a Water/Earth Element Conjunction. This combination is the third of the auspicious combination. Engaging in joyful activities on this day is said bring great good fortune and happiness.

These candles were poured in sacred space in a room filled with sacred & joyful sound. In particular, a healing Sanskrit mantra played throughout the pouring. The turquoise color was carefully chosen, as were the gentle scents used to create the Bamboo Garden healing fragrance. Additional information and the shopping cart should you choose to purchase is online at my candle store. There are 16 candles available for sale.

**Rev. Dr. Dikki-Jo Mullen is a professional Astrologer and Parapsychologist, her professional practice is based in Central Florida. Complete Astrology services are among the services she offers. She is the author of the popular Koo Hollie series of metaphysical books and is a graduate of The University of Florida. For personal consultations or presentations call her at 407 895 1522 in Orlando.