Saturday, December 27, 2008

Money Candles - Waxing Moon Capricorn, Sun Capricorn

money candle prosperity fragranceThe first two dozen in this Winter collection of Money Candles was poured today, Saturday, December 27, 2008. I always pour candles to attract money, wealth, and prosperity when the Sun and Moon both are in the Earth signs.

This collection of candles is created with the specific intent that you attract wealth. They are hand poured when both Sun & Moon are in Capricorn, a cardinal Earth sign.

Earth signs are the magnetic, enriching, nurturing, generating signs of the Zodiac in Western astrology. Cardinal signs are the initiating signs, possessing the forceful energy that ushers in the change of season. Capricorn is the cardinal Earth sign the marks the beginning of Winter.

Qualities associated with Capricorn energy include determination, strength, willingness to work hard for a desired outcome, long-term planning skills and patience. All these are excellent attributes to help one acquire wealth. The Sun in Capricorn in this instance vibrates at a frequency that will help one feel as if these qualities of personality are natural.

The Moon, just beginning her journey to full in Capricorn, brings a gentle magnetic quality to the day that attracts wealth for right use. Right use implies that the money one attracts will be wisely used to help self and others.

I always include an affirmation to be used with these ritual, or meditation candles. Instructions are included as well. The affirmation is written in the first person.. but as times are difficult for so many, I invite you to sometimes change the affirmation to the plural. For example to affirm "We always have plenty of money" .... and so forth.

One of the "secrets" to wealth and happiness is generosity. It seems when we are able to give a little, whether we give time, talent or treasure, we receive blessing in kind.

So... please, enjoy these deep forest green, natural wax pillars, hand poured using herbal fragrances long associated with wealth and money, happiness and prosperity. You may order by clicking the title of this post to get to my Candles Store. Candles are shipped by Priority Mail at no additional charge to you.

Due to the energetic nature of these candles, all sales are final. These candles are poured in sacred space, and are handled by one one but their maker. So.. from my hand to yours, I offer the finest sacred tools for sacred work.

With best wishes, Ann George