Monday, December 15, 2008

Reiki Healing Candles - Full Moon Poured

reiki healing candle This Reiki healing candle collection was poured in sacred space, to sacred sounds with the clear intention that you are comforted in mind and spirit in particular. Usui Reiki Master Ann George pours these natural wax candles when planetary influences and aspects are at their vibrational best for the desired healing outcome.

In the case of these hand poured candles, both luminaries were in compatible mutable & masculine signs. This post will review the basics of the astrology of the pour from the Western tradition.

This healing candle collection was poured December 12, 2008 with the Sun in Sagittarius. The process began at 8:30 AM Eastern when the Full Moon in Gemini was making a series of fortunate aspects for blessing with the outer planets. The pour concluded at 10:00 AM to avoid Moon Void of Course.

The vibrational benefit of Sun, reflecting the higher face of natural mind, in Sagittarius is the mutable fire energy for both direct, energetic action as well as the energy of adaptability, transformation, purification and comfort with change. Fire has long been associated with both spirit & purification, so to melt wax over open flame during Sun Sagittarius energetically honors & "captures" the best of the moment.

That the intent of these candles is to help you achieve mental healing as you see fit, is therefore more likely when the Sun is in a Fire sign, and a mutable Fire sign at that. I hope this is clear. More information about the astrology of candle pouring is online in this blog & at my primary site.

To be sure, Sun in Sagittarius is only one piece of the energy puzzle relevant to the pouring of these healing candles. That the Moon was full in the Mutable Air sign of Gemini makes the blessing of Sun in Sag all the more useful. This is true because pouring healing candles when both luminaries are in compatible signs is more useful than pouring when the Sun & Moon are in signs that are not naturally compatible.

Gemini, as mentioned, is a mutable Air sign, thus the same flexible, adaptable & versatile nature associated with Sagittarius is present in the Lunar influence of Moon Gemini. Further, Air signs are known to be the signs most adept at mental activities. Gemini, sign of the twins, is noted for seeing in terms of relationship to the other. This is particularly useful to create healing candles design to help us free ourselves from negative, habitual thought patterns, or perhaps tendencies to isolate, or to think in very self-centered ways.

Another important Lunar note is that on 12/12/08 the Moon was at it's Perigee. The energetic importance of this could be argued, however, we do know the pull of the moon and it's effect on water, oceans, tides etc. is not arguable. As we are composed of water, the pull of this lovely Full Moon may well effect the natural wax as it melts and cools again to form your Reiki healing candle.

For now, I know that some are waiting to purchase these candles. They are labeled and sealed in cellophane to preserve the Cypress Garden fragrance. If you would like to purchase, shopping cart buttons are on line at the Mystic Candle Store. Shipping by Priority Mail is included in the price, and orders received before 1:00 PM may ship the same day, if not, most certainly the next day.