Sunday, November 01, 2009

Protection Candles are Available for Sale

protection candle natural wax poured all hallows eveThis exclusive collection of hand poured ritual candles was poured at 3:30 PM EDT, October 31, 2009. Mystics and occultists know the planetary day and hour for creating ritual objects impacts the spiritual power of that object. Should you care to cast a chart, notice 30° 19' 54" N / 81° 39' 20" W as the longitude & latitude of the pour.

The natural wax candles are scented with rosemary, cedar, cypress, frankincense, myrrh & other herbal ancient fragrances for psychic self-defense and spiritual protection.

A few notes from the ephemeris of the day show the following fortunate aspects:
Sun Scorpio - Conjunct Mercury Scorpio
Waxing Moon Aries - Sextile Jupiter
Venus in Libra - Trine Neptune in Aquarius.
Moon Aries - Trine Mars in Leo
Jupiter in Aquarius - conjunct Neptune in Aquarius.

In the Western Mystery Tradition, the veil between the worlds is thinnest on All Hallow's Eve. Other spiritual traditions, particularly celtic rites, celebrate this day as Samhain.

These natural wax candles are deep charcoal gray with feathering, like a dark angel's wing. They are excellent prayer candles to gather strength, or to request spiritual, physical or psychic protection. Each protection candle comes with a unique ritual affirmation skillfully written by Ann George to call down ancient energies to heal and protect the body, mind and spirit.

Candles are $40 each, with free shipping by Priority Mail in the USA only. As many customers have already pre-ordered, at present there are only 24 candles available to purchase. Should some orders not be filled, an update will reflect an increase in the number of candles for sale. Please.. one per customer.

For those new to candles by Ann George Studios, it is important to note that these are hand poured by Ann George, in sacred space, in focused attention, with the specific intent that these candles serve as tools for psychic self-defense, protection of all kinds, courage in the face of adversity and an increase in personal power.

Candles are poured, finished and sealed both spiritually, and in cellophane before the end of the day - 10.31.09. No one has handled them other than the maker. They will ship from my hand to yours. This attention to detail, to color, fragrance, timing & intent is what makes my hand poured candles different than other candles you may purchase elsewhere.

For more information about me, visit my Testimonials page. Due to the energetic nature of these candles, all sales are final, no returns are accepted. Please contact me BEFORE you purchase if you have any questions.