Friday, November 27, 2009

Success Candles are ready for Sale - Fire Trine Aspects! Special Candle

As the Sun was in the mutable Fire sign of Sagittarious, and the Moon was waxing to full in the cardinal Air sign of Aries, 11/27/09 was a good day to pour candles to attract success of all kinds, and success in business activities in particular.

There are additional astrologic factors that make 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time the best time to pour candles to attract success from my location. November 27, 2009 at 4:00 the Sun was Trine the Moon in Aries, thus both luminaries were in favorable aspect with each other, and both were in Fire signs. Fire energy enlivens, transforms and illuminates... all useful energetic qualities to cultivate success.

On this same day Mercury was in Sagittarius and was Trine Mars in Leo. There are most excellent Fire sign aspects for fluid & sincere (Sagittarius) activity, as well as effective communication (Mercury) favorably aspected with determination (Mars) to succeed in endeavors that require sustained effort (Leo).

The Moon was also be Trine Leo in Mars at 4:00 PM. If you would like more complete information about the aspects available for this particular pour, please visit  the Chaos Astrology web site to construct your own ephemeris. The longitude & latitude information you require is : 30° 19' 54" N / 81° 39' 20" W.

Please know that your Success candle will come with complete instructions, an affirmation and the aspects of the pour printed on the label. The candles are sealed in cellophane as soon as they have cooled to retain their energetic integrity.

Candles are hand poured in a natural palm oil wax in sacred space. They are sealed and finished by Ann George, and handled by no one else. This is important in that the candle ships from the maker directly to you.  Candle orders are often shipped the same day they are received by Priority Mail. Candles are instilled with Reiki energy in a flow to empower the chakras and strengthen the aura.

Shipping is free in the USA. Ann George Studios, Inc. does not ship outside the USA. Candles are poured in small collections, usually two dozen or so, therefore quantities are limited. The photo in this post is an approximation of the finished candle as all computer monitors display color differently. It may best be described as a powdered cinnamon color, or a burnished copper.

Fragrances selected are traditional herbal scents used through the centuries to attract wealth. A unique blend has been created to attune the sense to the energy of prosperity and confidence. To purchase, the shopping care is online at the Success Candle page at the moon poured candle store.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. For more information about the use of ritual candles, please enjoy the many posts on the blog, or visit my Ritual Candles shop.