Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Solstice Candles: Heart Chakra Healing Candles

This limited collection of Sacred Day candles was poured on the Winter Solstice which occurred 12/21/09. The candles were poured  at at 9:30 PM EST in a natural palm oil wax which gives this crystalline appearance and are cobalt blue in color.

For an ephemeris of the time, date and location of the pour visit Chaos Astrology. The co-ordinates you require to cast a chart for the candles is 30.31 West, 81.72 North.

More information on the nature of the candles, as well as shopping cart buttons are on line on the Winter Solstice candle page.

I think it is important to notice that the candles were poured just as the Sun moved into the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn in the Third House. As well, the Moon was Waxing to full in the mutable Water sign of Pisces.

If you are new to astrology, or pouring candles by the signs, I encourage you to do a bit of browsing, either on my site, at various links on the blog, or the web in general.

Please know that Ann George goes to great lengths to ensure that you receive a carefully hand crafted ritual candle, poured in sacred space, with focused intent at the best possible moment to help you visualize, and thus co-create the future you desire.

For those new to Chakra work, blue is the color associated with the Heart chakra, and these candles, combined with a very evocative and relaxing custom fragrance, which is a blend of traditional herbals scents, are excellent to help you do breath work, or any other kind of energy healing you need for a peaceful heart.

An affirmation as well as instructions (not pictured) are included on the label of every candle. There are many FAQ pages on this blog to help you explore candle meditation, or candle magic as some like to call it.

All candles ship free by Priority Mail in the USA only. Payment is processed by PayPal. Telephone orders are not accepted at this time.  Should you wish to purchase by money order, please contact the Studios.