Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Success Candle - Full Moon Pour -  The Harvest Moon - 0/29/12

It has been quite awhile since I last poured candles as there were some Aspects and Moments I preferred to let pass before making candles for ritual, prayer and meditation.

I am pleased to say the new collection of Success Candles is well worth the wait. I have used one myself prior to offering any for sale to ensure that the intended goals may be achieved with proper use. ( Instructions for candle burning as well as an affirmation is included on the label. )

This collection was poured September 29, 2012 on the night the Moon came to Full in the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. This Moon is also called the Harvest Moon, thus, to my mind, a perfect time to pour candles created to attract success, wealth, victory, praise, recognition, and validation.

Aries, the first sign of the Western Zodiac, is the sign of identity. The key words for Aries are "I Am." So, should you desire nothing more than increased self-confidence, this candle will vibrate to that proud frequency of celebration of identity. A Cardinal (Initiating,) Fire (Masculine, Direct & Energetic) sign, Aries energy helps to strengthen the inner fire that enables one to continue to work to reach one's goals.

For this candle, the Sun was in the Cardinal (Initiating,) Air (Masculine, Direct & Energetic) sign of Libra. While Libra energy often brings balance, properly aspected, it is excellent to fuel positive competitive energy to keep you going, aware of your actions, the consequences of your actions and the effect of those actions on others.

To succeed in life, business, or even in love, one must be mindful and responsive to the environment - whether that be the competitive corporate playing ground or the inner sanctum of one's consciousness - mindful awareness is crucial to success.

Notice that the natural play of Fire and Air - each critical to the other - is released with the lighting of the candle, as are the fragrances to call forth success from within. All my candles are scented with a combination of natural herbal fragrances, combined specifically to attract the outcome of the intent of the pour.

All fragrances are proprietary and have been developed over many years to be as effective and pleasing as possible. Candles are now for sale on my site. There are only 9. One to the customer. For those who wish to purchase in volume for personal use, please email me through the site to arrange a custom pour.

For those who are new to Moon Poured candles, please take a moment to look over some of the articles that speak to the purpose and power of candles that are poured by the signs.