Thursday, November 08, 2012

Protection Candles - Hand Poured on All Hallows Eve

protection candle
Protection candles are now ready for sale. This years pour on All Hallows Eve, also known Samhain, came out a very deep black color with a deep grey feathering.

Traditional herbal fragrances such rosemary, frankincense, myrrh were blended with others that have proven very effective over the years. I have been standing at the door between the worlds, in sacred space, with pure heart and right intention to honor those that have passed, and acknowledge the many powerful energies that move unseen by and through our world.

I believe that it is crucial to acknowledge those powers and principalities that transcend the mundane world, and in so doing, allow them to "pass by" my window..... not entering, and yet not ignored.

I suppose that many could make the case the the idea of a black candle burned to ward off evil spirits is a superstitious practice. I disagree.

I believe we live in an interconnected energetic web of life and that the unseen world is far greater that we are comfortable imagining.  That said, it is also true that some of the darkest and most dangerous energies abide within our own minds.

Some of us live with traumatic memories that can overpower peace of mind... threaten the development of healthy relationships or lead to self-abuse.

I do not make any claims that this protection candle alone will protect you from any kind of harm that may befall you in this life. I am quite sure that it is a very effective tool to change the energy of your personal space, to create a new vibration, a new frequency and a new fragrance in your life that serves to provide spiritual or psychic protection.

If you follow the instructions and use the included affirmation, then the candle is a light in the darkness, the affirmation is a prayer for protection, and the ritual of lighting and praying, as old as time........ provides you with an energetic healing as rich as you allow it to be.

These candles were poured @ 10:30 PM EDT on 10/31/12. They are a palm oil wax, very fragrant, and are sealed in a cello wrapper as soon as they are cooled. No one else will handle them until you open the wrapper.

These protection candles are not factory made. They are not left unattended. They are my offering to your well being. The price of the candle (which includes shipping by Priority Mail in the USA ) is careful considered. Adding the numbers together yields "9". On the tree of life, the number of the Moon, of Foundation. Please allow these candles to help you build a firm and sacred foundation for your mystic practices.

These are excellent tools for those who seek to expand their natural psychic abilities, for professional readers, healers, and for energy therapists who from time to time may feel as if the unseen world is a bit too close for comfort. (An ephemeris is included on the label for those require complete aspects. The Sun was in Scorpio, waning Moon in Gemini.)

In other spiritual traditions, customers use these candles for hex breaking, uncrossing, and to banish negative spirits. I have good reports from all who purchase. However, the success of the candle will always depend on your intention and your use of the ritual tool. The greatest magic is in the mind.

From my hand to yours..... sacred tools for sacred work.

Ann George.