Friday, March 29, 2013

Success Candles - Ritual & Meditation Candle - Sun Aries, Full Moon Libra

The new Success Candles are all sold. They are very fragrant, golden, and poured on March 26, 2013 at 6:12PM when so many planets were harmoniously aligned for self confidence! and new beginnings.

You may burn these ritual candles at any time, the blessing of the signs is present in each pillar. Included is an affirmation designed to help you reclaim your personal power, confidence and affirm your success, as the greatest magic is always in the mind. (All candles are sealed in cellophane as pictured to ensure they arrive just as fragrant and unsullied as possible.)

The fragrance oils used for the pillar include Frankincense, Rosemary, Cinnamon, and other fine herbal and floral notes that have been associated with abundance, purity, victory and energy for centuries. Samples given were thoroughly enjoyed for their joyful fragrance.

Each of us measures success differently, but often it is drive, diligence, and commitment that are the spiritual keys to succeed at anything. Further, the measure of success is in joyful living, a sense of accomplishment, sharing, and open hearted kindness.  A truly successful person has all the qualities.

To help ensure that you are successful as you embark on a new beginning, this Success pillar poured with the Sun in Aries. Aries is the sign of "I Am." Using that energy, the intention of the pour is that you are able to affirm... I am successful in my efforts... in any enterprise.

Aries is a Cardinal (initiating) Fire (direct, energetic, masculine) sign, and brings energy and enthusiasm to any meditation. Choosing to pour Success candles in a Fire sign is a tradition here at Ann George Studios, Inc.

I also prefer to pour Success candles with the Moon in a compatible sign, and the Air sign of Libra is both Cardinal and Masculine. We all know that Air feeds Fire and born on the Air, Fire can be used for many beneficial activities. The Success Ritual candles are usually poured as the Moon is waxing to Full. Good Full Moon energy is excellent to charge your candle with the blessings of the sign she is in.

I was tempted to pour this candle earlier in the day while the Moon was in the Earth Sign of Virgo. I wanted to bring the energy of analytic balance and generative nurturing to the pillar. In an effort to capture some of those fine qualities, I began to melt the wax at 4:30 PM EDT when the Moon was leaving Virgo, and moving into Libra. The actual pouring did occur Moon Libra.

The ephemeris included on your candle label will show the positions of the planets at the time of the pour, however as there were so many Planets will aspected, I will list a few here. (To purchase - please visit my online store.)

Planets that are fortunately aspected are:

  1. Sun Aries conjunct Venus in Aries
  2. Sun Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries
  3. Sun Aries conjunct Mars in Aries
  4. Venus Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries
  5. Moon Libra trine Gemini in Jupiter. 
  6. Mercury in Pisces trine Saturn in Scorpio
For students of Astrology, these are all very encouraging aspects to let you know that this candle was poured at a time when the blessings of the heavens were most excellent for Success in any effort... Love, Action, Victory, Balance, Desire, or Ambition. 

I do believe that it is the timing of the pour, plus intention, coupled with fragrance and color that make these ritual candles special. It is your energy, your prayer and affirmation, your commitment to meditation or ritual practice that activates all the goodness of the candle to work for your desired outcome. 

It remains my please to pour candles for you. Please know, you can change your life, you can change your luck, and that the magic is always in you. Be aware of those who seek to "do work" to fix your problems. Keep your power, train your mind, heal your thinking and change your life. 

These pillars are supports, or perhaps doors, to help you open to your inner power, inner truth. Please enjoy.  (As I am the only one to make them, and as the Moon moves as quickly as she does, there are only 16 of these pillars for sale. More will be poured when the planets align properly.)

Ann George