Friday, June 03, 2016

Success Candles - Sun Aries • Moon Leo

This collection of Success Candles was hand poured on April 15, 2016 at 6:45 PM. The challenge for this pour was to have both Sun & Moon in Fire signs. The position of other planets in signs varied through out the day and therefore to take advantage of the best planetary aspects 6:45 PM seemed best. 

The Sun was in Aries - the First sign of the Zodiac with the watch words “I Am”.  Aries is a cardinal (initiating) sign that has the power and energy to begin most any project. Coupled with the energy of the fixed qualities of the Moon in powerful Leo (with keywords of “I Will”)  this is an excellent candle to help you not only conceive but perfect your plans, ideas and projects. 

The Moon was Waxing to Full in the fixed Fire sign of Leo. This is most useful as Leo energy bring focus and determination to help complete goals. Leo is a perfecting, finishing sign that is full of self confidence. This is an excellent energy to combine with Sun Aries. Double Fire energy for success is very useful. Additionally there are other aspects in the inner planet that are beneficial. 

Mercury, the plant of communication, was 15 degrees Taurus  (a fixed Earth sign with key words “I Have”) to bless both thought and speech to ensure that all mental energy rests in unwavering support for the acquisition of material goods should that be your goal. Thus we have Mercury making a very fortunate aspect.

Planet Venus was in Aries in the 11th House, the House of Aquarius. This is the house of hopes and dreams, friends and wishes. This placement is excellent if you hope to use your candle to help with meditations for social success.

Another fortunate aspect to the pour is that Mars, planet of conquest and victory, was in the mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius. This gives energy for flexibility both in planning and in execution of your goals. 

The candles are hand poured in a natural palm based pillar wax from a renewable vendor! Green living and Earth mindful manufacturing is very important. I do not use petroleum in the candle nor do I buy palm wax from companies who are not committed to reforestation and sustainable agriculture. 

The candles are a pale golden orange, but as they have a feathered texture, color will vary from candle to candle.  Pillars are @ 6” tall by 2” wide. I use fragrances long associated with wealth and victory from a variety of cultures.

As always, no one will see nor touch your candles until they reach your doorstep. I keep them in sacred space, each in a cellophane wrapper to lock in both fragrance and purity until I package  and ship them to you.

Free shipping in the USA via Priority Mail.  These are sold on a first come, first served basis. There are 21 candles for sale. Please visit my candle store to purchase. 

From my hand to yours - sacred tools for sacred work. 

Ann George