Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Money Candles - Hand Poured by the Signs

Many people are no longer advised by the luminaries. Once, before a building was erected, a ship launched, a war waged, astrologers were consulted. In many parts of the world, people still look to spiritual advisors for the best time to begin a new activity, make a marriage or open a business. 

In our modern culture, where even the stars may be obscured by light pollution, the idea of consulting the heavens may seem odd, and yet, I have been pouring candles by the signs for over 15 years now.  I plant by gardens by the signs, as did my Great Aunt before me. My memories of her advise me more often now than ever.

This new collection of Money candles now for sale was poured, as are most all Money candles, with the luminaries (Sun & Moon) in Earth signs. Earth signs are the feminine, the nurturing as well as the receptive and generating signs.

Taurus, the Fixed sign with the watchwords “I Have” is an excellent placement for the Sun - the Fire energy of that drive our pure nature.  Taurus energy ensures that we will have wealth, beauty, luxuries, and the determination to preserve the wealth we accumulate.  Taurus gives the determination and perfecting energy necessary to attract and keep wealth. 

The Moon was in the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo for this pour. Mutable signs are excellent astrologic companions to the fixed sign. Mutable signs are adaptable, versatile, energetic and solution oriented! What better energy to bring to rituals and meditations to change our ideas about money, wealth, abundance and our worthiness to receive all those many blessings? 

The candles are bit more teal than their usual “dollar bill “ color. It was a joyful spring day when I poured, and Jade was a nice color to add to the usual palette blend. 

The fragrance, as always, is a signature blend of traditional herbal and floral scents long used by ancients to draw money in all its many forms.  The pillar wax is petroleum free. In fact, it is play wax, and I am pleased to say that after much research I found a company that sells palm wax from an ethical growers who does indeed replant what is harvested. 

I remain a “green company” so your candles may come wrapped in kraft paper, packed with shreds of recycled bubble stuff - but know that there is very little waste at Ann George Studios, Inc.  Further, your support - your purchases - help me maintain my small apiary out back.

I thank my many customers of years past and days to come for your support. I will continue to stand in agreement with the Divine Unfolding on our sacred days to pour candles for your benefit. To purchase, visit the Money Candle page. The price is $40 each, shipping by Priority Mail is included.

Please note: All sales are final. I do not ship outside the United States. I do not give refunds. If your product is damaged by the post office, you may file a claim with them. 
No one will see, nor touch your candles until you open the package. From my hands to yours, I offer sacred tools for sacred work. All magic is in the mind. 

Shanti, Om.