Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Success Candles • Sun Aries, Waxing Moon Leo • Spiced Fire Fragrance • Limited Collection.

Hand poured on 3/30/15 at 6:30 PM EDT, this collection of Success Ritual Candles was poured for meditations to manifest confidence, and success in any endeavor. Instructions, a very effective affirmation and the ephemeris are all included on the label to help you manifest the success you dream of. 

For this Moon Pour on on 3/30/15 at 6:30 PM EDT,  the Sun was in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries. Fire signs vibrate in a direct, energetic & masculine energy frequency. Aries is the sign of “I Am” and thus an excellent sign to help bring forward confidence, energy and enthusiasm for any project. 

Cardinal signs are initiating signs, which means they have the great “pushing energy” that brings forth the new season. It is always useful to pour for success when the Sun is in a cardinal Fire sign. 

For this pour,  the Moon was waxing to full in the Fixed Fire sign of Leo, which, in  addition to bringing the qualities of the element of Fire to the candle, also brings the energy of a Fixed sign to the pour. 

Fixed signs are perfecting and finishing signs, and as such they are an excellent energetic compliment to the cardinal energy of Aries. The key words for Leo are “I Will”.  The benefit of using a moon poured candle that is specifically made at a point of time/energy that is attuned to the purpose of your candle is that you will have a ritual candle that is already one with your purpose and may be burned at any time. 

Flame Orange
A double Fire Sign pour is excellent for success in all life areas, however particularly useful for spiritual development and for business.  I now have a total of 21 for sale to the public. Fifteen  are “Golden” and six are "Flame Orange”.  All are Spiced Fire fragrance, which is a custom blended scent using citrus, spice & other fragrances that have been used for centuries to cal down or evoke power, glory, success, and wealth. They are all sold now. To find the newest Moon Poured candles of Success Ritual as well as other esoteric goods and services visit the Mystic Store.

It is critical to note that all pours by Ann George Studios, Inc are intended to be of the greatest benefit to all beings, every pour.  A few of the key aspects of this candle are: 
  • Sun in Aries Trine Jupiter in Leo ( most fortunate!)
  • Venus in Taurus (the sigh of “I Have”) Trine Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal Earth sign)
  • Sun in Aries Conjunct Uranus in Aries
  • Sun in Aries Trine Saturn in Sagittarius 
  • Jupiter in Leo Trine Uranus in Aries.

If you are new to the study of astrology, please explore the benefits of Trine & Conjunct aspects at your leisure. There are so many more fortunate aspects to this pour. All the info is available for you if you cast an ephemeris at http://chaosastrology.com 

This time will not come again. I invite you to make your purchase promptly as I will not pour Success candles again until the Sun is in Leo. All candles are sealed in cellophane (biodegradable) to ensure that they are as fresh as possible when they ship to you. These candles are not seen, nor are they handles by anyone other than their maker. 

From my hand to yours, I offer first quality ritual tools for your empowerment. (Due to the energetic nature of these candles, all sales are final. No refunds, no returns. Please review the articles on this blog for answers to frequently asked questions, or contact me for more information.) 

With kind regards, 

Ann George

Shipping by Priority Mail is included in the purchase price. 

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