Monday, August 07, 2017

"Psychic advisors" and Candle Magic Scams.

I am sorry to say I spent a good deal of time on the phone this evening talking with a woman who as very agitated. 

She was very glad to have found my number and really wanted to tell me all about her love troubles and the magic work her "psychic advisor" was going to do for her. 

I did stop the woman before she told me the whole story, as repeating the story often sets the hook deeper. I just wanted to know the primary reason for her call. 

I did have to stop and get back to the point of the call a few times before I could understand that she had placed a good deal of faith and hope in a "psychic" who had been working with the caller about her love life. 

The short of the story is that the "advisor" had recommend the purchase of $3,100.00 in candles that the psychic would take to her mentor to have burned, in a sacred place, to remove obstacles that were keeping the woman's former lover from returning to her.

It seems the new love in the man's life had purchased powerful witchcraft and had ordered very dark spells to be placed on the man. This spell work caused the man to turn away from my caller (his true "twin flame") and to go with another woman. 

The man no longer called, sent flowers, sent cards, took my caller to dinner, in fact he had moved on and seemed to be "with" the new woman. 

The caller - let's call her Jane - had been consulting her "advisor" for some time, and had trust in her "psychic" because many of the things the psychic said had come true.  A good reader, authentic or cold, can foretell the future some of the time. The ethical reader seeks to empower the client. 

This kind of call, which I answer far too often, is why I started hand pouring candles by the signs. I feel it is very important that people understand that they are the magic.  Prayer and meditation can change the world. If you change yourself everyone around you will change in reply. 

The cunning "advisors" know that some people lack self confidence, or some want what they want so very badly that they will go to any length to get what they want.    

The energetic or spiritual problems with hiring a psychic to burn candles for you, or to have her priestess burn those candles (that you will never see because they are shipped off to a private temple somewhere) are many. 

First - you are turning a good deal of money, and trust, and energy over to someone who promises to make your true love return to you. 
* Please notice that in this con it is very common for:
  1. The magic to be stronger than the "advisor" first thought so you will have to buy more candles. 
  2. You will do something wrong that breaks the work the priestess is doing and she will have to begin again which will cost more money.
  3. The results are coming, you just have to be patient and have faith (this is when the "advisor" stops returning your calls.)
The ugly side of this kind of action is that is horribly selfish. I feel it is a form of energetic abuse at best. Really - who has the right, who is so important that they may make another person love them? 

Buying "magic" to make someone love you is not the action of a loving heart. Please - think about it. We reap what we sow. 

The candles I sell are poured to help you change you. My candles come with affirmations you repeat while you are burning the candle (a focusing tool)  so that you become more magnetic to love, success, money all by changing your mind. There must be a space in your understanding of the possible for the things you want to appear. 

As well, we may want all sorts of things, however if we do not do the work it takes to bring them to us not much will come of wanting.

I have not now, nor will I ever sell a product that is created to act on another person. By the law of causality, you shall reap the bitter fruit of forcing your will on another. I cannot participate in that, nor can I endorse it.

Let me just say again: If a psychic, seer, mystic, root worker, witch, or shaman wants to sell you magic please look to your heart and see if your motive is pure and comes from love.   

Please be prepared to spend all your savings, perhaps borrow from friends and family to continue to pay the money you need because the "work is almost done now."

I have seldom seen the bad luck lifted, the curse is removed, or the lover returned. Before  you part with your money please do a bit of research. 

Speak with a teacher in your spiritual tradition, and then realize that if you are working with a healer, they will be charging a set fee per session to heal you! 

There are cultures and traditions where shamans and priestesses do great work, and can perform wonderful actions, great healing and sometimes even miracles. I have great respect for the true energy workers who help and heal. 

I have never seen the great sorcerers sell their magic power for dollars. It just doesn't work like that. I hope you find this article helpful. If you are in the middle of a con like this may I suggest that you step away. 

Often if you just stop paying, stop calling, and let your mind rest you will get some clarity.     

Please know that I believe in the multiverse theories of reality. I do believe that magic exists in many forms. I do believe that there are fine and powerful minds capable of all sorts of miracles. 

I know there are all kinds of sprits around us all the time. There are spirits of people, of places, of animals and plants. There are unseen energies that effect us all. I am not intending to make fun of anyone who has cultural values that are different that mine. 

I have an abiding respect for all mystery schools. If you seek a shaman, perhaps your shaman will appear. Seek with a pure heart for right work and you will find your power. 

Peace to all. 

Ann George

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