Sunday, September 17, 2017

Money Candles! Ritual Candles to Attract Wealth

I poured this collection of Money candles some months ago, but it is today that I feel able to put them up for sale. The Solar Eclipse has come and gone. Hurricane Irma has come and gone, leaving a good deal of devastation in my state. 

Now is the time to rebuild, to renew and to change our thinking about our relationship to money. Now is the time to attract more of it ! Now is the time to use money to bring about your greatest good. Click to Buy before they are all gone.

These are candles that you will buy (I don’t burn them for you). The magic is in your mind, and you are the one to do the “work” to empower your future! The cost of each candle is $40, and it is delivered to your home. (No special work is done in remote locations by “psychc advisors”.)

By repeating the affirmation which is included on the label of your hand poured candle 10 times a lighting, with daily use, you will change your thinking. When people change old thinking, replace it with new, positive thinking, then we change the world. 
So, I am very pleased to say that it is time that for the latest collection of Money Candles from Ann George Studios, Inc to bu put out for sale. 

When finished, all candles are sleeved in cellophane to keep fragrance in! Traditional fragrances to evoke luxury, wealthy, success and prosperity have been used to make a signature scent. 

These candles have been waiting, in sacred space, and have not been seen nor handled by anyone but me. These are artisan candles, hand crafted those who appreciate the importance of astrology in manifestation.

I have been making empowered candles for ritual use for 15 years. There are specific times in the lunar cycle that are best for pouring each of the kinds of candles I make. The astrology of this pour is good. The specifics are below. Please know: 

All Sale are Final. I accept no returns. I do not ship outside the USA. 

All candles are poured in palm wax. I purchase from a seller who only buys palm wax from sources committed to replanting trees taken. 

Fragrance oils and traditional herbal scents are used. Fragrance combinations are proprietary - however all do contain Bayberry. 

Money Candle Astrology

At the moment the melted wax met the mold, the following list shows the placement of the planets:

The Sun was 16 degrees 47 minutes in Capricorn. Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign that initiates winter and is quite powerful. Qualities of Capricorn energy can be beneficial for the creation of wealth as well as the analysis and careful management of that wealth once created. All Earth signs are magnetic, generating, and attracting. 

The Moon was 1 degrees and 00 minutes in the sign of Taurus. The moon was just stepping into Taurus. The fixed, perfecting energy of Taurus bless the energy of the pour, but also the cardinal qualities always found in the first10 degrees of a sign lend tremendous energy for new ventures!! This is as pure a moment of astrological timing as ever I have seen.

For those who are interested in researching a few more aspects of this candle before purchase, please notice the following: 

The Sun in Capricorn was Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. ( A very powerful push for initiating business)
Moon Taurus was Trine Mercury in Sagittarius. (A blessing for communication and expansion.) 
The Sun in Capricorn was Sextile Mars in Pisces. 
Moon Taurus was Sextile Venus in Pisces. 
Saturn in Sagittarius was Trine Uranus in Aries. 
There are many more fortunate aspects to this pour. May Trines & Sextiles that are well suited to getting any new project up and running, any change off to a good start. 

I find this really exciting placement of planets, and now I see why it is indeed best to put the candles on the market today.

Please remember the affirmation included is very important. The candle is the best ritual candle I can make you……  you are the magic, you are the power, and the affirmation if you use it, is a powerful tool 

As always, from my hand to yours.
Sacred Tools for Sacred Work. 

Ann George

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 2017
All rights reserved. 

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